Ability Advising

Cobble + Stone Consulting provides you with a unique service, guided by Angela Wrigglesworth. Through Angela’s extensive personal experience and access to her vast network of disability experts, you are ensured meaningful results. Angela’s supportive approach couples your current strengths with a detailed plan to

yield a greater sense of independence and purpose. By strategically coordinating and activating resources, implementing interactive coaching, and partnering with you as your advocacy ally, Cobble + Stone Consulting will help you navigate every bump and obstacle on your cobblestoned path of life.

How We Can Help

  • The Art of Asking for Help
  • Caregiver Hiring + Interviews + Scheduling + Training
  • Navigating State Services
  • Independence Transitions
  • Wheelchair Etiquette + Social Skills
  • Self-Advocacy Development
  • Health + Wellness Expertise
  • Home Modifications + Assistive Technology
  • Accessible Vehicle Guidance
  • Wheelchair + Durable Medical Equipment Selection
  • Dating + Marriage + Socialization
  • Physician Selection + Care Planning
  • Career Planning + Interview Prep
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Travel + Transportation Planning
  • Personal + Family Coaching

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